Here at Infinity Eye Care, we are proud to offer stye treatment for our patients.

A stye is caused by a blocked gland. A bump (called a stye) is formed. There are two different types, which are treated differently so it is important to be seen by an ophthalmologist so you know that they will treat your stye the right way!

Styes can be accompanied by redness and pain in the same area. Some people complain that their eye is irritated and scratchy. If left untreated, you may develop swelling and discomfort. Some people complain that their eye is always watering while others complain of a sensitivity to light.

The first treatment for styes are applying a warm compress to your eye. This will help to soften the material in the gland so that it can drain. Picking the stye will cause scarring so it is not recommended. We sometimes inject a steroid into the lesion to help it heal quicker. We have had to open and drain some styes to help them heal. Sometimes oral antibiotics are necessary due to an infection.

Treatment of the cause of the stye is important so that it does not come right back! We will work with you to get rid of the cause of your stye so you don’t have to worry about another one!

If you have any questions about styes or their treatment, feel free to contact us today at (717) 892-5008.